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From bride +‎ -s- +‎ matron, by analogy with bridesmaid and maid of honor, matron of honor.


bridesmatron (plural bridesmatrons)

  1. A married bridesmaid.
    • 1854, Erotica. The poems of Catullus and Tibullus, and the Vigil of Venus, a prose tr. with notes, by W.K. Kelly. To which are added the metrical versions of Lamb and Grainger, and a selection of versions by other writers, page 49:
      In the celebrated Aldobrandini fresco-painting, found in the baths of Titus, the bride is seated veiled on a bed, with the pronuba or bridesmatron near her, whilst the bridegroom sits at the foot of the bed.
    • 1867, The Poems of Valerius Catullus, page 233:
      The banquet ended, the bride was escorted to the nuptial couch (Lectus genialis) by Pronubae, bridesmatrons, who differed from the bridesmaids of modern times only in the respect that they were married ladies who had been united to only one husband (Univirae).
    • 1920, The Independent, volume 43, page 6:
      Sallie Adele Pendleton, the maid of honor wore pink satin covered with georgette, and the bridesmatrons, Mrs. Leo Gatlin and Mrs. Wilbur Groom both wore gowns of pink georgette, all carrying bouquets of Columbia roses in the light and darker shades.
    • 1924, The Bulletin of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, volume 19, page 241:
      A badly defaced panel shows a Roman marriage ceremony (H. 19% in. (49.2 cm.]). The contracting couple are clasping their right hands, while the officiating bridesmatron stands behind them with her hands on their shoulders.
    • 1954, The Adelphean, page 24:
      Lois Gill, B K, wore an enchanting bridal gown and Mrs. Charles McConville (Barbara Reifel), B K, and Diane Lancaster, B K, were bridesmatron and bridesmaid.
    • 1957, The Milk Producer, page 4:
      Mrs. Bobby Pechal of Temple was bridesmatron, Miss Annette Pyle of Houston served as bridesmaid.
    • 1958, The Caesars: Might and Madness, page 240:
      But Elagabalus solemnly went through a form of marriage with Zoticus and insisted that someone should act as “bridesmaid or bridesmatron.”
    • 1968, The Wisconsin Times, page 13:
      Mrs. Dean Webb was bridesmatron and Harold Klusman was best man.
    • 1969, Chinatown News, page 35:
      Huey and her cousin Terry Kwong were bridesmatron and bridesmaid respectively.
    • 1970, Norfolk and Western Magazine, page 297:
      Miss Helen Hale, sister of the bride, served as maid of honor, while Miss Ann Dougan, daughter of Chief Claim Agent J. W. Dougan, was the bridesmaid and Mrs. Andrew Hurst of Roanoke, was the bridesmatron.
    • 1972, Zarja, page 8:
      Attending the bride in gowns of pastel green trimmed with white daisies were Mrs. Patricia Parks as Matron of Honor and Judy Williamson and Karen Allbert, sisters of the bride, as bridesmatrons.
    • 1973, Gowdey, Lenna, Our Sire's Monument: The Merrithews of America, page III:
      [] F. Meikle and the groom’s cousin, Miss Bonnie Robertson, were bridesmatron and bridesmaid.
    • 1982, Ancestry and Descendants of Johann Dirk Eilers, 1815-1885, Pioneer Settler, Johnson County, Nebraska, page 78:
      The bridesmaid, Miss Joan Spellman of Denton, and bridesmatron , Mrs. Karl Linke, Jr., wore gowns of sea green and amber.
    • 1983, Houder-Westcott Proud Connections, page 304:
      Their good friends Maurice and Lora Dell Freed served as best man and bridesmatron.
    • 1984, Macklin, Marilyn, The Damgaard Family Album, page 121:
      The bridesmaid, Lois Anderson, sister of the bride, and bridesmatron, Mrs. Tom Latter, Jr., wore dresses styled like that of the maid of honor, but were a darker shade of blue.
    • 1985, Saylor, John Galen; Saylor, Helen Smith, A Smith Lineage: A Brief History and Genealogical Record of One Line of Descendants of Robert Smith, 1623-1985, page 282:
      Wearing alike costumes of holiday red silk taffeta the attendants were Mrs. Donald Lind (Pat Stafford), the matron of honor; Mrs. Ronald Green (Gretchen Teal), the bridesmatron; bridesmaids Miss Carolyn Schimmel, Miss Marilyn Mousel of McCook and Sherrill Saylor, who was the sister's junior bridesmaid.
    • 1991, Association of Philippe Du Trieux Descendants Newsletter, page 12:
      Bridesmatron was Shannon Packer. Bridesmaids were Barbara Bremer and Cindy Wilson.
    • 1994, The American Descendants of Henry Luce of Martha's Vineyard, volume 4:
      Bridesmatrons were Teresa Sessions, the groom’s twin sister, Eau Claire, and Kathy McCourt, the bride's sister-in-law, of Portland.
    • 1996, Journal of the Clan Campbell Society, page 35:
      Bridesmatron was Christa Wells Campbell from West Palm Beach in Florida and bridesmaid was Setsumi Togawa from Nashville in Tennessee.
    • 1998, Horton, Virginia M. Heaton, Nicholas Blust/Von Blust from Baden, Baden, Germany to Freeport, IL, 1827-1998, page 75:
      Miss Beverly Durbin of Kewanee, and Mrs. Paul Grieve of Toulon, were the bridesmaid and bridesmatron.
    • 2003 January 16, Miller, Risa, Welcome to Heavenly Heights: A Novel; republished United States: St. Martin's Publishing Group, 8 July 2014, →ISBN:
      Out in the driveway, Tova smoothed the cleaner’s plastic over the sleeves of her green bridesmatron’s dress, the Tova Zissie dress.