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brilliantine (countable and uncountable, plural brilliantines)

  1. A hair pomade, making the hair shine brilliantly.
    1921 "I wouldn't regret it," said Linda, "if I took Eileen by the shoulders and shook her till I shook the rouge off her cheek, and the brilliantine off her hair, and a million mean little subterfuges out of her soul. Gene Stratton-Porter, Her father`s daughter Chapter 4.
  2. A smooth shiny, luxurious fabric, often of alpaca or vicuña.
    Sunday June 11, 1916 No. 112. Bathing Suit of Brilliantine in Navy Blue and Black, trimmed with white mohair braid and buttons (no bloomers). Special 3.95The New York Times, *.pdf


brilliantine (third-person singular simple present brilliantines, present participle brilliantining, simple past and past participle brilliantined)

  1. To apply brilliantine to the hair.