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PIE word

Blend of bro +‎ hoedown.


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brodown (plural brodowns)

  1. (slang) A gathering featuring and/or appealing primarily to men.
    • 2009, Gemma Freeman, "Just A Girl?", Huck, Issue 14, April/May 2009, page 53:
      After a few false starts I finally meet the Swiss French snowboarder at Europe's winter sports brodown Babylon.
    • 2012, James Preller, Before You Go[1], Feiwel and Friends, →ISBN:
      “Probably the same old thing—another Saturday-night brodown.”
      Becka laughed. “A brodown, huh? Sounds fierce. What do you boys do? Play video games and burp a lot?”
    • 2013, Nick Green, "A year in beer", City Bites, Issue 49, November/December 2013, page 6:
      All these developments are a sign of the times ahead: the drink, mostly associated with brodowns, is slowly but surely making its way onto the fancy part of the menu.


Coordinate terms[edit]