sausage party

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From the visual resemblance of the human penis to a sausage.


  • (US) IPA(key): /ˈsɔ.sɪdʒ ˌpɑɹ.ti/
  • (file)


sausage party (plural sausage parties)

  1. (slang, derogatory) A gathering with many more men than women.
    • 1999 March 1, Billy (an anonymous American teenager), journal entry, published in Real Teens, Volume 5: Diary of a Junior Year,[1] Scholastic Paperbacks (2000), →ISBN, page 76,
      Ok, so it was actually a sausage party, which means ha ha there weren’t so many girls there but it was still pretty great.
    • 2004, Michael Ruffino, Gentlemanly Repose: Confessions of a Debauched Rock 'n' Roller,[2] Citadel Press, →ISBN, page 131,
      Of course, it doesn’t seem like a miracle that there’d be a lady at a metal show unless you’d been touring with a useless, plodding sausage party like say, oh I don’t know . . . Anthrax.
    • 2005, Jessica Hopper, “Punk Is Dead! Long Live Punk!: A Report on the State of Teen Spirit from the Mobile Shopping Mall That Is the Vans Warped Tour”, originally in the Chicago Reader, reprinted in J. T. LeRoy (guest editor) and Paul Bresnick (series editor), Da Capo Best Music Writing 2005: The Year’s Finest Writing on Rock, Hip-Hop, Jazz, Country, and More,[3] Da Capo Press, →ISBN, page 70,
      The audience at Warped, unlike the sausage party you get at a typical ground-level punk show, is half-female, maybe more.


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