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brown-brown (uncountable)

  1. (slang, usually in Africa) Powdered cocaine or heroin mixed with smokeless gunpowder.
    • 2009, Paul Rexton Kan, Drugs and Contemporary Warfare[1], page 53:
      Such bartering in exchange for securing routes is not uncommon; the Revolutionary United Front (RUF) fighters in Sierra Leone regularly consumed crack cocaine and brown-brown (heroin) that were transshipped through their territories.
    • 2010, Sarah Culberson, A Princess Found: An American Family, an African Chiefdom, and the Daughter Who Connected Them All[2]:
      Only later in the afternoon, when the rebels ordered the child soldiers to kill did they carve slits into the boys' young temples, pierce holes into their tender veins, and rub cocaine and “brown-brown” heroin into their raw wounds.
    • 2014, Susan Shepler, Childhood Deployed: Remaking Child Soldiers in Sierra Leone[3]:
      During this time, Aminata was often sent into Freetown to buy drugs—mostly a crude form of heroin (“brown brown”) and some cocaine—to bring back to the fighters.
    • 2015, Daniel Ness, International Education: An Encyclopedia of Contemporary Issues and Systems[4]:
      In Liberia and Sierra Leone, child soldiers often take a substance called “brown-brown,” a potent mixture of cocaine or heroin with gunpowder.