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  • Possibly borrowed from Albanian bukur (nice, beautiful), but semantic difficulties exist.
  • Alternatively, a substrate Dacian or other Paleo-Balkanic word, akin to Albanian.
  • Another possible theory suggests a Vulgar Latin root *voculāre (to call, yell), from Latin vōcula, from vōx (voice), with meaning possibly confused with or influenced by *bacchulāre, from bacchor (celebrate), and that the Albanian word simply coincides with the Romanian one.
  • It is also, contrary to folk etymology, probably not related to the name of the legendary shepherd Bucur, who according to popular belief gave his name to the capital city of Romania, București; the name itself may be a remnant of a lost pastoral word originally based on Latin buculus (young bull, ox, steer) (compare Old French bugle, French beugler, also Dalmatian buc). [1]


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a bucura (third-person singular present bucură, past participle bucurat) 1st conj.

  1. (reflexive) be / become glad or happy


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