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bulldog edition (plural bulldog editions)

  1. (chiefly US, newspapers, publishing) The earliest edition of a periodical publication, especially a daily newspaper.
    • 1932 Aug. 5, "The Detroit Mirror, a Tabloid, Suspends," New York Times (retrieved 14 Sep 2012):
      The Detroit Mirror, morning tabloid, which has been under the same ownership as The Chicago Tribune and The New York Daily News, suspended publication with its early bulldog edition today.
    • 1970 June 10, "Today in History," Owosso Argus-Press (Michigan, USA), p. 23 (retrieved 14 Sep 2012):
      In journalism, a "bulldog edition" is an edition of a daily newspaper printed early for transportation to distant points.
    • 1980 Oct. 2, Bruce Keidan, "Ali-Holmes strike out before bout," Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, p. 9 (retrieved 14 Sep 2012):
      Larry Holmes marched into view at 20 minutes before the hour of 11 a.m. . . . The guys with the cameras could snap away, and everybody would have a story for the 6 O'Clock News or the bulldog edition.
    • 2008 April 10, Chris Matthews, "Philly Politicos Kick it Old-School," Time:
      He took us on evening walks. . . . On the way home, he'd stop at the corner next to the subway stop, get the bulldog edition of the Inquirer and chat with the guy selling the papers.