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A bullhorn

Alternative forms[edit]


From bull +‎ horn, attested since the 1950s.


bullhorn (plural bullhorns)

  1. (chiefly US) A megaphone which electronically amplifies a person’s natural voice.
    Synonyms: blowhorn, loudhailer, megaphone
    • 2015, Paul Beatty, The Sellout, Oneworld Publications (2016), page 59:
      Iʼll press the trigger, and with a loud squeal of ear-piercing feedback, the bullhorn buzzes to staticky life.
    • 2018 July 1, Katrina Brooker, ““I Was Devastated”: The Man Who Created the World Wide Web Has Some Regrets”, in Vanity Fair[1]:
      [Mark Zuckerberg] didn’t found Facebook to manipulate elections; Jack Dorsey and the other Twitter founders didn’t intend to give Donald Trump a digital bullhorn.



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