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A blowhorn

Alternative forms[edit]


blow +‎ horn


blowhorn (plural blowhorns)

  1. A device, often funnel-shaped and sometimes hand-held, which is used to emit loud sounds or amplified human speech.
    • 1987 Feb. 11, Jeff Kunerth, "Deaf ear may be best deterrent," Orlando Sentinal, p. E1:
      "Pick up your toys" takes a parental blowhorn to permeate the brain of a young child.
    • 1998 April 19, "Back When Beach Was Best: Resident, 81, shares memories with commission," Miami Herald:
      He remembers the sad, droning sound of a blowhorn from a dredge barge, a plea for help as it was swept out to sea.
    • 2003 Jan. 15, Heidi Shott, "Episcopalians: Mainers stand firm against racism in gatherings and vigils across the state," Worldwide Faith News (USA) (retrieved 2 Aug. 2011):
      [F]rom atop enormous snow banks they sang civil rights-era songs and waited for the speakers from inside to come outside to deliver their speeches via blowhorn.
    • 2009 Feb. 24, Matthew Johnston, "Bible bid to stop porn addiction at Sexpo," Herald Sun (Australia) (retrieved 25 Feb. 2009):
      "We could stand outside with a blowhorn and say you are all sinners but the reality is that doesn't work," Mr Davies said.
    • 2010 June 1, David Pickthall, "Are you ready to make some noise?," North-West Evening Mail (UK) (retrieved 2 Aug. 2011):
      I’m talking, of course, about the vuvuzela. Essentially, a metre-long blowhorn, which you may struggle to get past a steward at an English football ground.