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Woman wearing a bum bag

Alternative forms[edit]


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bum bag (plural bum bags)

  1. (Britain, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand) A small pouch attached to a belt that is worn on the outside of clothing around the waist and used for holding small personal items.
    Synonyms: belt bag, (US, Canada) fanny pack, (US) belly bag, (South Africa) moon bag, waist bag, crossbody bag
    • 1995, Vitali Vitaliev, Little is the Light: Nostalgic Travels in the Mini-States of Europe[1], page 226:
      There is no queue at Burger King in Gibraltar. To lure customers, they give you a free plastic bum bag with every Whopper Meal.
    • 2003, Lesley Reader, Lucy Ridout, First-Time Asia, page 230:
      Don′t confuse money belts with bum bags. A bum bag is a larger and an altogether more ostentatious item; it′s worn over your clothes and can usually hold a small camera as well as sunscreen and sunglasses. As a security item the bum bag is useless and may as well be inscribed with flashing lights announcing “Valuable items inside, help yourself”.
    • 2007, Poul Anderson, Shocking Australian True Crime Stories, unnumbered page:
      Berichon: I proceeded to pull the pistol out of the bum bag. I flicked the safety switch off the pistol and I fired upon the police officer.