bum chum

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bum chum (plural bum chums)

  1. (Britain, derogatory slang) A male homosexual's partner; a male homosexual.
    • 1989, Joseph Mills, Towards the End, Polygon, →ISBN, page 120,
      ‘That’s his pal,’ Beeny said to Doreen. ¶ ‘Bum-chum more like,’ John added.
    • 2004, Phil Ferguson, Discontent, M-Y Books, →ISBN, page 83,
      He was too busy playing the big, important businessman to care about anyone but himself, preferring the company of his bum chum, Pete, to me.
    • 2005, S.J. Smith, Joe Public, Virtualbookworm Publishing, →ISBN, page 100,
      ‘Gaylord!’ ¶ ‘Bum-chum!’ ¶ ‘Chutney Ferret!’