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Borrowed from Japanese ブルセラ (burusera), from a combination of ブルマー (burumā, bloomers) + セーラー服 (sērā-fuku, sailor suit), from English bloomers and sailor respectively.


burusera (uncountable)

  1. (sex) Girls' used underwear and/or school uniforms, which are bought and sold by sexual fetishists.
    • 1994, Japan. Keisatsuchō, White paper on police ... (excerpt), page 71:
      Products on sale at a burusera shop
    • 2013, Ruth Ozeki, A Tale for the Time Being: A Novel, Penguin, →ISBN:
      [] say I looked like a giant prehistoric squid, squirming and oozing ink from my ink sac in a futile attempt to confuse my predators. Next to the video was a link to a burusera fetish141 site where hentais could bid on my blood-stained panties.
      141 [] schoolgirl uniform fetish
    • 2015, Clive Davies, Spinegrinder: The Movies Most Critics Won't Write about, SCB Distributors, →ISBN:
      Includes a selling knickers to a burusera shop scene, a hilariously cheap “disco” set, but not enough cumsoaked schoolgirls for this reviewer.
    • 2018, John Whittier Treat, The Rise and Fall of Modern Japanese Literature, University of Chicago Press, →ISBN, page 284:
      Meanwhile there are rumors a dejected Takuboku is not dead but now running a burusera (used panties) fetish boutique in Shibuya.





  1. Rōmaji transcription of ブルセラ