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Alternative forms[edit]


bus +‎ -able


busable (comparative more busable, superlative most busable)

  1. (informal) reachable or traversable by bus
    • 1998, Minakshi Chaudhry, Exploring Pangi Himalaya: a world beyond civilization, page 292:
      Work is going on to widen the road to make it busable.
    • 2005, Johnny Rich, The PUSH Guide to which University, page 172:
      Just outside the city centre, briskly walkable and even more briskly busable from the main City site, Charlie Frears has his own medical library and teaching facilities []
  2. (computing, informal) capable of being used with a bus (electrical conductor or interface)
    • 1997, Mix: Volume 21, Issues 1-6
      The mainframe system offers busable signal routing, remote power supply and an optional remote fader box.