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From bush +‎ walker.


bushwalker (plural bushwalkers)

  1. (Australia, New Zealand) A hiker or backpacker.
    • 1997, Peter Prineas, Henry Gold, Wild Places: Wilderness in Eastern New South Wales, page 66,
      In the following years the Kanangra country became the object of a mild form of cult worship as bushwalkers discovered its many delights [] .
    • 2007, Claire Smith, Heather Burke, Digging It Up Down Under: A Practical Guide to Doing Archaeology in Australia, page 98,
      There are numerous stories of bushwalkers spending several hours up a tree waiting for a wild pig to go away.
    • 2008, Chris Healy, Forgetting Aborigines[1], page 191:
      The anthropologist Lisa Palmer has written about an analagous but different situation in her study of non-indigenous bushwalkers in Kakadu. She writes very eloquently about the conflicts that have emerged in Kakadu where the Bininj/Mungguy have attempted to limit bushwalker access to the stone country in particular.

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