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bush +‎ walking


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bushwalking (uncountable)

  1. (Australia, New Zealand) The activity of hiking or backpacking.
    • 1999, Drew Hutton, Libby Connors, A History of the Australian Environment Movement, page 70,
      Eight years later she married a fellow member, Leo Luckman, and the two of them played leading roles in the Tasmanian bushwalking movement, exploring the most remote parts of the state, developing new routes through difficult terrain, pioneering the club′s skiing activities, and shouldering executive responsibilities.
    • 2002, Chris Rowthorn, Alex Landragin, Kate Daly, Victoria, page 77,
      Victoria has some great bushwalking.
    • 2003, Susannah Farfor, David Andrew, Hugh Finlay, Northern Territory, page 150,
      Kakadu is excellent but tough bushwalking country.
    • 2009, Holly Smith, Sydney & New South Wales, unnumbered page,
      This significant chunk of wilderness, just 7.2 mi/12 km north of Sydney, provides excellent bushwalking within a few minutes of the Manly Beach coastline.
    • 2012, Marc Llewellyn, Lee Atkinson, Ron Crittall, Lee Mylne, Frommer′s Australia, page 675,
      Phillip Island also offers nice beaches, good bushwalking, fishing, and Seal Rocks.

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  1. present participle of bushwalk