busman's holiday

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First recorded in 1893 in the UK. The idea is that a busman, to go off on a holiday, would take an excursion by bus, thereby engaging in a similar activity to his work.


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busman's holiday (plural busman's holidays)

  1. (idiomatic) A holiday or vacation during which one does something similar to what one does as work.
    • 1994, Diane Heilenman, Gardening in the Lower Midwest: A Practical Guide for the New Zones 5 and 6, Indiana University Press, →ISBN, page 114:
      Although it is in the nature of a busman's holiday, I always try to visit a nursery and a botanic garden when I'm traveling.
    • 2015, Michael Bamberger, Men in Green, Simon and Schuster, →ISBN, page 254:
      I have come to realize that the busman's holiday is an elemental part of my life. Actually, I don't know where my work life stops and my recreational life begins.