bust improver

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bust improver (plural bust improvers)

  1. (historical) A late Victorian and Edwardian-era woman’s undergarment providing padding for the breasts.
    • 1899, Vincent O’Sullivan, “Same” in The Green Window, London: Leonard Smithers, p. 14,[1]
      The advertisement which I see most often, whether it be of a perfume which I never use, or of a lady’s “bust-improver” which is no concern of mine, is the one which sticks in my memory.
    • 1913, Katherine Mansfield, “Bains Turcs” in The Blue Review, Volume I, No. 3, p. 181,[2]
      I walked along a tiled corridor decorated with advertisements for lingerie and bust improvers—was allotted a tiny cabin and a blue print chemise and told to undress and find the Warm Room as soon as possible.