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Alternative forms[edit]


buy-in (countable and uncountable, plural buy-ins)

  1. Support; agreement; blessing (in a secular sense).
    To win, I need to get buy-in from the team to have alignment with our mission.
    Let's show the idea around and get buy-in from marketing.
    • 2022 November 17, Paul Salopek, “A ‘Slow Storytelling’ Writing and Photography Workshop Boosts Conservation in China”, in National Geographic[1]:
      China’s newly minted national parks don’t just safeguard famous keystone species such as Siberian tigers, giant pandas and Hainan gibbons. They are also designed to preserve the shrinking ecosystems that support such iconic wildlife, ranging from sweltering (tropical jungles in the southern province of Hainan to the chilly maple forests of northern Heilongjiang and Jilin Provinces bordering Siberia. As in any country, getting human buy-in for such protected spaces is essential. Visitors and local populations need to comprehend—and support—the importance of setting aside lands for biodiversity.
    Synonyms: alignment, approval
  2. (poker) A tournament where a player must purchase all of his or her chips before the tournament starts.
  3. (poker) The amount that a player buys in for
    • 1983, David M. Hayano, Poker faces: the life and work of professional card players:
      When tournament players are eliminated but remain eager to win back their buy-in, side games often develop and upstage tournament play with limits exceeding those in the tournament.

Coordinate terms[edit]