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Borrowed from French capitaine.


capitaine (plural capitaines)

  1. (non-native speakers' English) A captain.
    • 1996 April 12, Nicola Pezolet, “SS Alsace (FT) #21, Cafe' discussions”, in alt.starfleet.rpg[1] (Usenet), retrieved 2022-05-27:
      (traducted from french to english): "Captain, I didn't tell you that I speak french very well too. My old girlfriend mentored me, when I was working at Merten Orbital Station." Confused, the capitaine look at Thomas and said:
      "Indeed, it's surprise me very much..."
    • 1998 April 6, CHOWIGAN, “INSULTED”, in soc.culture.laos[2] (Usenet), retrieved 2022-05-27:
      Of course, a Capitaine of a ship having already a mutinery aboard before he got the chair is not very pleasant. I didn't mean to criticize Souvannaphouma solely. His XO, Cox'n and the rest of the personel could have gave their support to their CO.
    • 1999 March 15, Robert White, “Warning - Travel to and in Cambodia”, in soc.culture.thai[3] (Usenet), retrieved 2022-05-27:
      The company is a Malaysian one, the capitaine is a Malaysian one. I guess he doesn't want to lose his boat in the sea or to have any trouble, so he manages his business with wisdom. Last september, I stayed one full day in Koh Kong because it was impossible to travel due to the storm. The capitaine did not try to go. If the boat leave the port, it means thet it's 100% safe.The boats on the sea are 10 times better than the boat from PP to Siem Reap.
    • 2013 May 7, Gerry, “Well, That Was Pretty Disgraceful”, in[4] (Usenet), retrieved 2022-05-27:
      I sort of get the fanatical devotion to, say, Gionta. Even if injured or seeming to play uninspired hockey (relative to his old self, anyway), he's the capitaine and at least has a relatively longstanding reputation as a sparkplug and clutch scorer.



Inherited from Middle French capitaine, from Old French capitaine, borrowed from Late Latin capitaneus, from Latin caput. Compare the inherited Old French chevetaine (whence English chieftain). Doublet of cheftaine.



capitaine m or f (plural capitaines)

  1. captain, leader

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  • Walloon: captinne

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Middle French[edit]


From Old French capitaine, borrowed from Late Latin capitaneus.


capitaine m (plural capitaines)

  1. (military) captain