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Street post known as o carallo vinte e nove, Santiago de Compostela


The etymology is unknown, but the most plausible source, on the basis of both semantics and historical phonology, appears to be unattested Latin *c(h)araculum, which would have been a Latinized diminutive of Ancient Greek χάραξ (khárax, stick). This also provides a single, phonologically coherent source for the cognates: Portuguese caralho, Spanish carajo and Catalan carall. Attempts to attribute Italian same-meaning cazzo to the same etymon fail on phonological grounds, as the /r/ of carajo (or its absence in cazzo) remains unexplained, and no Latin phonological sequence develops as both /x/ in Spanish and /tts/ in Italian. Otherwise, perhaps related to Breton kalc'h, Welsh cala,[1] from a derivative of Proto-Celtic *kalgā.



carallo m (plural carallos)

  1. (vulgar) penis
    Synonyms: pirola, pito, pixa
  2. (vulgar) damn

Derived terms[edit]



  1. (slang, vulgar) shit!
  2. (slang, vulgar) go to hell, piss off, fucking hell, fuck, damn it


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