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From blend of care +‎ confrontation. Compare carefront.


carefrontation (plural carefrontations)

  1. Confrontation done in a caring or loving manner.
    • 1999, Sandra A. Crowe, Since strangling isn't an option:
      If she wants attention, ignore her. If she is trying to get you angry, laugh. As with the first approach, this is most effective in low-stakes situations, and it won't go very far toward building a lasting friendship. Practice carefrontation.
    • 2007, Jill Neimark, Stephen Post, Ph.D., Why Good Things Happen to Good People:
      "Carefrontation first creates resonance with the person you're confronting. I use gentle statements.
    • 2008, Maryln Appelbaum, How to handle the hard-to-handle student, K-5:
      In a “carefrontation,” there is still a lack of agreement about a situation; however, the skills that are used to resolve the situation are caring skills.