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carpenter +‎ -ing


carpentering (uncountable)

  1. carpentry
    • 1892, Herman Melville, White Jacket[1]:
      Frequently, at one and the same time, you see every trade in operation on the gun-deck--coopering, carpentering, tailoring, tinkering, blacksmithing, rope-making, preaching, gambling, and fortune-telling.
    • 1901, Henry Lawson, Joe Wilson and His Mates[2]:
      I always had a fancy for carpentering, and was handy with tools.
    • 2007 January 26, Deanna Isaacs, “Have Your Rebellion and Deduct It Too”, in Chicago Reader[3]:
      Sixteen years after he started Lumpen in Champaign, Marszewski is supporting his empire by carpentering, designing Web sites, and working at his mother's Bridgeport bar.