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cat-flap (plural cat-flaps)

  1. Alternative form of cat flap
    • 1984, Randolph Stow, The Suburbs of Hell: A Novel, Taplinger, ISBN 0800874870, p. 137,
      Harry Ufford opened his front door, and his animals, from the yard, came bursting through the cat-flap in the back door and rushed on him.
    • 1985, Derek Albert Pearsall, The Canterbury Tales (in his introduction to Chaucer's Miller's Tale), Routledge (UK), ISBN 0415094445, p. 182,
      We could find our way blindfold about old John's house, with its cat-flap in Nicholas's bedroom-door.
    • 2006, Robert Graham, Holy Joe, Troubador, ISBN 1904744826, p. 141,
      While she's distracted, Batman and Robin make heroic, synchronised leaps off the fridge onto the lino and crash hell for leather, one after the other, through the cat-flap. The cat-flap's plastic frame collapses in pieces on the floor behind them.


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