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cat-flap (plural cat-flaps)

  1. Alternative form of cat flap
    • 1984, Randolph Stow, The Suburbs of Hell: A Novel, Taplinger, →ISBN, p. 137,
      Harry Ufford opened his front door, and his animals, from the yard, came bursting through the cat-flap in the back door and rushed on him.
    • 1985, Derek Albert Pearsall, The Canterbury Tales (in his introduction to Chaucer's Miller's Tale), Routledge (UK), →ISBN, p. 182,
      We could find our way blindfold about old John's house, with its cat-flap in Nicholas's bedroom-door.
    • 2006, Robert Graham, Holy Joe, Troubador, →ISBN, p. 141,
      While she's distracted, Batman and Robin make heroic, synchronised leaps off the fridge onto the lino and crash hell for leather, one after the other, through the cat-flap. The cat-flap's plastic frame collapses in pieces on the floor behind them.


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