cat flap

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A cat passing through a cat flap

Alternative forms[edit]


cat flap (plural cat flaps)

  1. Small hinged panel, usually cut into a door, with an opening just big enough for a cat to enter.
    • 1984, Arthur Hailey, Strong Medicine, Doubleday, →ISBN, p. 340,
      Then, one Saturday when Martin was working but Yvonne wasn't, she brought a saw and other tools with which she constructed a hinged "cat flap" in a rear down-stairs door. It meant that the cats were free to come and go at any time, the effect being healthier for the pets and for the household.
    • 1988, Fay Weldon, The Heart of the Country, Viking, →ISBN, p. 142,
      Jane had sealed up the cat flap, closed the ever-open window of the laundry, but there the cat somehow managed to be, staring up with a look of dependence.
    • 2006, Louise Rennison, Startled by His Furry Shorts, HarperCollins, →ISBN, p. 104,
      I let the cats out because they couldn't be arsed going through the cat flap. They were just sitting in front of the cat flap and yowling.


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