cat nap

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cat nap (plural cat naps)

  1. Alternative form of catnap (short amount of time spent sleeping)


cat nap (third-person singular simple present cat naps, present participle cat napping, simple past and past participle cat napped)

  1. Alternative form of catnap
    • 2000, James R. Kelly, Prescription for Murder, page 199:
      Some nights he cat napped in the front seat of his car watching Willie's house.
    • 2004, Michael Kennard, Sunday Club, page 251:
      Andy was knackered, he hadn't slept a wink, while Louise was bubbling with excitement, having cat napped most of the way.
    • 2012, David C Lawton, Goldstar, page 69:
      Staff simply cat napped at their work stations and ate junk food.