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Blend of celebrity +‎ debutante +‎ retard.[1][2] The first documented usage of the term was in a story about Paris Hilton published in the New York Post on 21 January 2006 ("Paris With a P"), which was followed by the second documented usage of the term in another story about Hilton published in the same paper five days later ("Unedited Paris Not Cute at All").


  • (US) IPA(key): /səˈlɛbjutɑɹd/, /səˈlɛbjətɑɹd/
  • (file)


celebutard (plural celebutards)

  1. (informal, derogatory, offensive, slang) A celebrity viewed as unintelligent; especially a celebrity who behaves badly in public.
    • 2007, Clayton Neuman, “The Time 100 – Are They Worthy?” in Time, 17 April
      Paris Hilton … helped coin the buzzword celebutard, a cross between celebrity and retard. From her sex tapes to having her belongings auctioned on the Web, she seems to totter from one embarrassing moment to another.
    • 2009, Andrea Peyser, “Celebutards: A Pox on All the Celebs and Politicians Gone Wild” in New York Post, 25 January
      [A]t some point between the moment a movie script wanders into the hands of a world-class celebutard such as George Clooney, and the words travel through lilting vocal chords and land on unsuspecting ears, something terrible occurs.

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