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censurable ‎(comparative more censurable, superlative most censurable)

  1. Deserving of censure; blameworthy.
    • 1648, Walter Montagu, “Of Scurrility”, in Miscellanea Spiritualia[1], London: W. Lee, D. Pakeman, and G. Bedell, 2, page 144:
      ... and well considered, me thinks this is one of the most censurable parts of this licentiousnesse, in regard it laboureth to taint the whole body of conversation, as it corrupteth the nature of words, which are the Publique Faith, whereupon all innocent discourse must needs trust it selfe, so that this perversion seemeth a publick impediment to the commerce of all vertuous communication ...



censurable m, f ‎(plural censurables)

  1. reprehensible
  2. censurable, blameworthy