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Alternative forms[edit]


Variant form of champaign.


champian (plural champians)

  1. A plain; a flat expanse of land; a champaign.
  2. A species of landscape that is flat and open.
  3. The level open countryside, as distinct from the mountains, forests or towns.
  4. (agriculture) common land; land that is not enclosed
  5. Someone who farms land that is not enclosed.
  6. A battlefield, especially when flat and open.
  7. A field of inquiry or study.



champian (not comparable)

  1. (obsolete) Flat and open, like a champaign.
    • 1596, Edmund Spenser, The Faerie Queene, VI.4:
      Him selfe out of the forest he did wynd, / And by good fortune the plaine champion wonne […].
    • 1652, George Sandys, Sandys Travailes: containing a history of the Originall an ..., page 21:
      The countrey above, is champian and not barren,- but rarely inhabited.
    • 1703, Daniel Whitby, A paraphrase and commentary on the New Testament:
      The lower, which contained the Tribes of Zcbulon and Iffachar, because it was Champian, was called the Great Field
    • 1715, Guy Miege, Present State of His Majesty's Dominions in Germany, page 558:
      The Couutry in general is Champian, and low, but sometimes rises into pleasant Hills