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cherubin (plural cherubins or cherubin)

  1. Obsolete form of cherub.
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  2. Obsolete form of cherubim.

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  1. nominative plural of cherub

Old Spanish[edit]


From Late Latin cherūbīm, from Hebrew כְּרֻבִים (kiruvím, cherubim, cherubs).



cherubin m (plural cherubines)

  1. cherub
    • c1200: Almeric, Fazienda de Ultramar, f. 49v. col. 1.
      aduxieron los ſacerdotes el archa del teſtament del criador emetieron la en ſća ſćo ſolas alas delos cherubines
      the priests led the Ark of the Testimony of the Creator and placed it in the Holy of Holies, under the wings of the cherubim
    • Idem, f. 54r. col. 2.
      aſennor dios de los fonſſados de iſrl´ q́ eſtas ſobre los cherubines tu eres dios aſolas e todos los regnos de la tierra en tu mano
      Oh, Lord God of the hosts of Israel, that is above the cherubim, You alone are God and all the kingdoms of Earth are in your hand

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