chiclet keyboard

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A calculator's rubber chiclet keyboard


From Chiclets (itself from chicle), a brand of chewing gum bearing some resemblance to the keys.


chiclet keyboard (plural chiclet keyboards)

  1. (computing, informal) Any of various early computer keyboards having an array of small, flat rectangular or lozenge-shaped rubber or plastic keys.
    • 1984, Popular Mechanics (volume 161, number 2, February 1984)
      At the best of times it's difficult to type on a chiclet keyboard.
    • 1985, Linda Gail Christie, The Simon and Schuster guide to computer peripherals
      The chiclet keyboard and single-line LED display do not permit rapid data entry and text editing...
    • 2002, Paul B Thurrott, Windows XP home networking
      ...clamshell-like devices with a tiny chiclet keyboard, a stylus for selecting and pointing, and a black-and-white Windows 95-like user interface.