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chip +‎ -head


chiphead (plural chipheads)

  1. (slang) A microchip expert.
    • 1995, InfoWorld (volume 17, number 11, 13 March 1995, page 36)
      For all you chipheads, we use 0.5 micron process technology for our 486 devices.
    • 1999, Helen Vandevelde, Harnessing Technology for Career Success, page 1:
      Although [this book] focuses on technology, it's not an assault course for geeks. For one thing the spine's not wide enough for a chiphead manual.
    • 2001, Maximum PC (volume 6, number 1, January 2001)
      That was the buzz at the latest Microprocessor Forum, an annual gathering of chipheads in Silicon Valley.
  2. (slang) A person strongly interested in or knowledgeable about computer hardware.