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choke-hold (plural choke-holds)

  1. Alternative form of chokehold
    • 2004, Michael Pinchot, Panamanian Tundra, page 145:
      As Simon's obnoxious protest began to draw local attention, the bouncer slipped up behind him and repeated Mike's earlier choke-hold . . . with escalated force.
    • 2011, Chike Momah, The Jericho Wall, page 156:
      “Woman,” Philip interrupted her, “how do you expect them to be able to talk when you have them in a choke-hold?”
    • 2011, Nicholas Rankin, Ian Fleming's Commandos:
      In The World Crisis, his 1927 history of the First World War, he had called the struggle between British sailors and German U-boats 'in scale and in stake the greatest conflict ever decided at sea', and he remembered all too clearly the dreadful choke-hold of the 1917 German submarine blockade.