choke hold

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choke hold (plural choke holds)

  1. Alternative form of chokehold.
    • 1990, Lew Dykes, Choke Hold:
      I'm gonna walk up behind that fucker without making a sound and put the choke hold on him.
    • 2001, Lisa Kloppenberg, Playing it Safe: How the Supreme Court Sidesteps Hard Cases and Stunts the Development of Law:
      Within five to ten seconds, one officer began to apply a choke hold by pressing his forearm into Lyons' throat.
    • 2012, Scott McNeely, Ultimate Book of Sports:
      In competition, judo matches typically have a standing phase (opponents attempt to throw each other) and a ground phase (once an opponent is on the ground, then both opponents can use a hold down, literally holding an opponent down for 15 to 25 seconds, or using a choke hold or similar controlling technique to force an opponent to submit).