chomp at the bit

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Alternative forms[edit]


Non-standard variant of champ at the bit, recasting it as chomp (to chew noisily) + bit (part of a horse's harness held in its mouth); horses tend to chew on their bits when impatient at waiting.


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chomp at the bit (third-person singular simple present chomps at the bit, present participle chomping at the bit, simple past and past participle chomped at the bit)

  1. (intransitive) To show impatience or frustration when delayed.
    • 2004, Lisa Wang, Taipei Times read at [1] on 14 May 2006
      Electronics makers chomping at the bit.
    • 2005, Guy Hedderwick, speaking to Joel Zander of Australian Broadcasting Corporation, New Zealand Knights: Outsiders read at [2] on 14 May 2006
      But I wouldn't say [they're frustrated], I think our players are just chomping at the bit to go.
    • 2005, David Borges, Journal Register News Service, Schilling ‘chomping at the bit’ read at [3] on 14 May 2006
      Curt Schilling was "chomping at the bit" following Monday’s three-inning stint in an intrasquad minor-league game.