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Borrowed from Urdu چوکاټ(chokath).


  • IPA(key): /t͡ʃaʊˈkæt/
  • (file)
  • Rhymes: -æt


chowkat (plural chowkats)

  1. (India, Pakistan) A decorative frame or sill on a door or window.
    • 1963, Tarjit Singh, Practical Book on Sessional and Project Examinations, Specially for Civil Engineering Students:
      Door chowkats shall be with or without wooden sills as ordered.
    • 1963, Punjab (India) Public Works Dept, Punjab P. W. D. Specifications, 1963, page 459:
      Where no sill has been provided, the feet of the chowkat shall rest on the damp proof course or floor as the case may be. Where a sill has been provided, the number of hold fasts in the chowkat shall be reduced by two.
    • 1966, National Buildings Organisation (India), Handbook for building engineers in metric system, page XV-18:
      Edges, chocks, cleats, etc, shall be deemed to be included in the item. Measured flat (not girthed) including chowkat or frame.
    • 1984, Readings in the History & Culture of Assam, page 59:
      There is a door chowkat with three fair big figures - a "dwarapala" with bow and arrows, a "Pujarini and a dancer at the bottom, and several rows of triple figure representing more or less a Vasudeva one above the other reaching perhaps the lintel, has been preserved by the village in their Namghar (temple), and is being worshipped as the presiding deity of the place.