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Coined from chrono- +‎ teleportation.



chronoportation (usually uncountable, plural chronoportations)

  1. Any of many (mostly hypothetical or fictional) processes of moving matter from one temporal (and possibly spatial) point to another, generally instantaneously.
    • 1961: Analog Science Fact and Fiction, Volume 67, Issue 4, "The Judas Bug" by Kelly Freas
      Too bad that chronoportation is not yet fully developed. If it were, we could go back and perhaps help the old professor figure out a gimmick for storing his universal solvent.
    • 1988:Robert Crossley, introduction to Kindred by Octavia Butler
      Perhaps Butler deliberately sacrificed the neat closure that a scientific--or even pseudo-scientific--explanation of telekinesis and chronoportation would have given her novel.
  2. A technique to send one's mind to another time.