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chum +‎ -age


chummage (usually uncountable, plural chummages)

  1. (obsolete, Britain, slang) The lodging of several people in a single apartment.
  2. (obsolete, Britain, slang) A fee paid by a prisoner to be able to lodge in shared rooms within a prison.
    • 1836, Charles Dickens, The Pickwick Papers 42:
      What will you take to be paid out?’ said the butcher. ‘The regular chummage is two–and–six. Will you take three bob?’ ‘And a bender,’ suggested the clerical gentleman. ‘Well, I don’t mind that; it’s only twopence a piece more,’ said Mr. Martin. ‘What do you say, now? We’ll pay you out for three–and–sixpence a week. Come!’