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Etymology 1[edit]

chunky +‎ -er (Oxford -er)


chunker (plural chunkers)

  1. (informal) An obese or overweight person
    • 2009, Catherine Deveny, Free to a Good Home, page 193
      I love fat people. Chubby-chasing is my hobby. I enjoy nothing more than waving a vanilla slice under some chunker's nose, tying it to my bumper bar with a string of jelly snakes then driving round the block at gelati-van pace
    • 2011, Bil Wright, Putting Makeup on the Fat Boy, page 37
      Double-breasted on a chunker can sometimes be a really sad look, but on me this thing is L'uomo Vogue!

Etymology 2[edit]

chunk (divide into chunks) +‎ -er


chunker (plural chunkers)

  1. (computational linguistics) A software tool for dividing text into chunks.

Etymology 3[edit]

Onomatopoeic, or from chunk (throw), with -er.


chunker (plural chunkers)

  1. (US military, slang) An M79 grenade launcher.