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Alternative forms[edit]

gwarwy, gwary


From Middle Welsh chwarae, from Old Welsh guaroimaou (playground).[1] Of uncertain ultimate origin; VGK suggests Proto-Celtic *worigo-, related to Irish fuirech (*fo-rig), second element possibly related to *regeti (to stretch, straighten)).[2]

Cognate with Cornish gwari and Breton c'hoari.



chwarae (first-person singular present chwaraeaf, not mutable)

  1. to play
    Mae’r plant yn chwarae tennis.
    The children are playing tennis.
  2. to play, or perform with, a percussive instrument such as a drum. (Should not be used with any other type of instrument – see canu.)
    Dw i'n chwarae'r drymiau.
    I play the drums.


Derived terms[edit]


chwarae m (plural chwaraeon, not mutable)

  1. play, activity of playing
  2. (often in the plural) sport, game
    Synonyms: gêm, sbort

Derived terms[edit]


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Further reading[edit]

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