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cider +‎ -y


cidery (comparative more cidery, superlative most cidery)

  1. Resembling cider.
    • 1980, Beverly Cleary, Beth Krush, Joe Krush, Emily's Runaway Imagination
      She picked up an apple which had a rich cidery smell and tossed it over the fence into the orchard, where it landed with a plop and smelled even more cidery []
    • 2000, Michael Arditti, Easter, page 237:
      The more he heard of fumbled passes, cidery kisses and snapped straps, the more he knew better than to risk such humiliation.
    • 2008, Marty Nachel, Homebrewing For Dummies
      Add too much of this sugar to your beer, and you can still get a cidery taste.


cidery (plural cideries)

  1. A brewery where cider is produced.