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Latin cinerarium.


cinerarium (plural cineraria)

  1. A place or receptacle for depositing the ashes of cremated people.
    • 1842, Charles Wellbeloved, Eburacum, or York under the Romans, page 100:
      They were called ossuaria, from their containing bones,—cineraria, in reference to their containing ashes,—or ollæ, pots; these had generally a narrow pointed bottom.
    • 1881, John Henry Parker, The Via Sacra. Excavations in Rome from 1438 to 1882[1], page 156:
      On a great marble cinerarium (or vase for human ashes) is an inscription.
    • 1918, William James Perry, The Megalithic Culture of Indonesia[2], page 42:
      After cremation the Khasi take the ashes of their dead to the clan cinerarium.
    • 2016, Lewis H. Mates, Encyclopedia of Cremation:
      Relevant material is also covered on the containers for remains in those and in the entries on cineraria, columbaria, and urns.

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From cinis (cold ashes) +‎ -ārium.


cinerārium n (genitive cinerāriī); second declension

  1. cinerarium


Second declension.

Case Singular Plural
nominative cinerārium cinerāria
genitive cinerāriī cinerāriōrum
dative cinerāriō cinerāriīs
accusative cinerārium cinerāria
ablative cinerāriō cinerāriīs
vocative cinerārium cinerāria