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From cis(gender) +‎ -y, on the analogy of tranny and punning on sissy.



cissy (plural cissies)

  1. Alternative spelling of sissy
  2. (slang, rare, often humorous, sometimes derogatory) A cisgender or cissexual person.
    • 2003, Brian St.Claire-King, Fates Worse Than Death: Sunrise Hotel, →ISBN, page 104:
      "She could be a straight cissy who just had a bunch of plastic surgery done," Tabitha said. A cissy was a 'cisgendered' person, someone who wasn't transsexual, someone happy with being and dressing like whatever gender they were born as.
    • 2014 January 8-15, Dan Savage, in Philadelphia Weekly:
      If a coalition of queer and trans-rights groups came together and called for a big demonstration outside the Fox News studeios in midtown Manhattan, I would be there along with tons of other gay, lesbian, straight and bi cissies. How about it?