clever clogs

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Alternative forms[edit]


clever clogs (plural clever clogs)

  1. (slang) Somebody who is rather too clever; a smart aleck; sometimes used as an epithet.
    • 2006, Gareth Roberts, I Am a Dalek, BBC Books, page 39,
      'Not in itself,' said the Doctor, holding the gun at arm's length. 'But you tell me, what happens if some clever clogs gets this in his lab? Finds out how it works? The human race gets the secret of Dalek weapons. You'll all be dead by Wednesday week.'
    • 2011, Tom Bradman, Tony Bradman, Space School: Blast Off!, Bloomsbury (A & C Black), page 49,
      'All right then, clever-clogs,' said Yasmin. 'Any idea which one?'
    • 2013, Lynda Bellingham, Tell Me Tomorrow, Simon & Schuster, page 409,
      'Yes, perfect. Mr Clever Clogs has done it again!'