smart aleck

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Alternative forms[edit]


Aleck is a nickname for the male given name Alexander. The phrase "smart aleck" is possibly derived from the name of Aleck Hoag, a 19th-century con man and thief.


smart aleck (plural smart alecks)

  1. One who is given to obnoxious or insolent humor.
    Synonyms: wise guy, smarty, smarty pants
  2. One who is pretentious about their own cleverness or knowledge.
    Synonyms: know-it-all, clever dick, smart ass, wise ass, smarty pants, wiseacre; see also Thesaurus:know-it-all
  3. One who is obnoxiously self-assured; a show off.
    Synonym: smart ass
  4. (rare) A well-dressed person.

Derived terms[edit]