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c. 1970 (manufacturing), c. 1990 (computing) click +‎ -ability


clickability (uncountable)

  1. (computing) The quality of being clickable, of causing a particular action when clicked
    • 2007, Virginia DeBolt, Mastering Integrated HTML and CSS[1], →ISBN, page 208:
      If a more obvious clue that clearly communicates clickability, such as an underline, fails to appear on a web page, users might start desperately running the mouse around the page []
  2. (manufacturing) The ability of a foam to retain its original shape after cutting, without deformation or burrs
    • 1974, Bernard Rudner & Peter Daniel Pauly, METHOD FOR PRODUCTION OF POLYURETHANE FOAM USING OXAZOLINES AS CATALYSTS[2], US Patent 3914189:
      The "clickability" of the foams, a measurement of a foam's usefulness in die-cutting processes, was determined by placing a piece of foam 1 in. thick under a square die, 2 1/2 by 2 1/2 in.



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