cloaking device

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1968. Coined by D. C. Fontana in the script for the Star Trek episode The Enterprise Incident.


cloaking device (plural cloaking devices)

  1. (science fiction) A device which renders a person or thing invisible.
    • 1968, The Enterprise Incident (Star Trek), season 3, episode 2:
      Spock: "I believe the Romulans have developed a cloaking device which renders our tracking sensors useless."
    • 1980, The Empire Strikes Back:
      Captain Needa: "They can't have disappeared. No ship that small has a cloaking device."
    • 2001, Fforde, Jasper, The Eyre Affair:
      I put out my hand and touched the warm surface of the camouflaged Rolls-Royce. I was going to ask Mycroft if I could have the cloaking device fitted to my Speedster but I was too late; enthused by my interest he had trotted off to a large roll-top bureau and was beckoning me over excitedly.

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