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From cloud +‎ -ly.


cloudly (comparative cloudlier or more cloudly, superlative cloudliest or most cloudly)

  1. Of or pertaining to a cloud or clouds; cloudlike; cloudy; nebulous.
    • 1986, Comparative biochemistry and physiology:
      In acidified acetone, the above mentioned skeletons yielded yellow or orange organic solutions which float above a colourless cloudly aqueous solution.
    • 1987, American Society for Microbiology, Applied and environmental microbiology:
      When the Shyr mutant was grown on this cloudly medium, there was a clear zone surrounding the colonies.
    • 1994, Walter A. Flood, Walter Blaine Miller, Society of Photo-optical Instrumentation Engineers, Atmospheric propagation and remote sensing III:
      For a cloudly atmosphere (curves 2-6) with the growth of the optical thickness T of a cloudly layer the decrease of the contribution of the photons with the small lengthes of the run are observed in the receiving streams, [...]