clown shoe

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A pair of clown shoes.



Typically worn by clowns.



clown shoe (plural clown shoes)

  1. A comedically oversized shoe, usually brightly colored and with a bulbous front.
  2. (derogatory) An incompetent or foolish person.
    • 2006 February 15, Jason Bell, “The Muhammed Cartoons”, in[1] (Usenet), message-ID <8AOIf.13460$>:
      Sorry, clown shoe. I'm not going to click any tinyurl link that you provide []
    • 2007 April 23, “Gonzo goes down in flames”, in alt.impeach.bush[2] (Usenet), message-ID <>:
      What a fucking clown shoe you are, Billy. Ya got nothing.
    • 2015 March 15, “Rand Paul’s claim — twice in one day — that he has a biology degree..”, in[3] (Usenet), message-ID <>:
      You have no "professional reputation," you fucking clown shoe.