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From clunk +‎ -er.



clunker (plural clunkers)

  1. (informal) A decrepit motor car.
    Synonyms: see Thesaurus:old car
    • 2004, Teralee E. M. Bird, What the Herald Angel Sang (Seraphim Trilogy Book One), →ISBN:
      The only rig nobody'd recognize is that clunker that Vic drove here in, and he won't take it.
  2. (informal) Anything which is in poor condition or of poor quality.
    • 1974, Erma Bombeck, "Who's Been Playing At Erma's Typewriter?," Ocala Star-Banner, 3 Oct., p. 12A (retrieved 2 Sep. 2009):
      I bought an old clunker of a typewriter.
    • 2006, Elizabeth Crane, "Books: Best book by a Chicago author" (Review of Trouble by Patrick Somerville), Time Out Chicago, 28 Dec. (retrieved 2 Sep. 2009):
      All of the stories have a subtle undercurrent of brutality, and the writing is consistently sharp, direct and darkly funny, and there’s not a clunker in the bunch.