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co-grandmother (plural co-grandmothers)

  1. the mother of one's son- or daughter-in-law, as common grandmother of their children; the relationship between women who have grandchildren in common; maternal grandmother vis-à-vis paternal grandmother.
    • 2009 May 19, Beth Teitell, “Horns Come Out When Grandparents Envy Each Other”, in Boston Globe[1], page B7:
      Talk to enough grandparents and one thing becomes clear: Because she's closer to the mother of the children, the maternal grandmother generally has a slight advantage. Or, as Audrey Berson [] put it: "She's my daughter, so I have the edge." Even so, Berson's co-grandmother works in the same town as the grandkids, and she sometimes meets the bus after school. "It bothers me," Berson said. "I wish it were me."
    • 2008 December 2, Kate Tuttle, “A Grandmother's Right? Or Totally Obnoxious?”, in Strollerderby[2]:
      A Canadian grandmother's essay about essentially crashing her daughter-in-law's birth [] Rhona Bennett writes of [] hopping a train to Montreal, and (in cahoots with her co-grandmother) bum-rushing the hospital [] The two bubbies called the hospital [] and naturally were rebuffed, so off they went, in search of information, affirmation, and a grandbaby.


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